Companies seeking to raise capital from the public capital markets for the first time benefit greatly from hiring an experienced independent financial advisor to sit on their side of the table as their advocate during this often bewildering process. Our team have collectively led numerous IPOs across a wide range of industries as advisors. Clients count on Macaw to provide these services with the highest standards of integrity, independence, objectivity, and financial expertise.

Macaw IPO advisory services include:

IPO readiness assessment
Advising clients on the regulations and requirements of the SEHK
Advising clients on the appointment of other professionals involved in the IPO
Performing due diligence together with the relevant professionals on the business and financial affairs of the clients
Advising clients on drafting of the IPO prospectus
Advising clients on their capital structure, invitation structure, marketing theme, timing of the IPO and appropriate pricing level etc, with a view to maximising investor acceptance and shareholder value
Management of the IPO including co-ordination of other professionals involved in the IPO process
Co-ordinating publicity activities in relation to the listing
Assisting clients in liaising with SEHK or other relevant regulatory authorities involved in the IPO
Advise on listing of shares on other Stock Exchanges